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Synexe is an Organizational Strategy & Design firm
dedicated to maximizing your competitive edge through change

The world is changing. Old business models are collapsing as new, disruptive business models emerge. Business as usual no longer exists... More conscious, more sustainable, and more effective ways of doing business are leading to dramatic shifts in organizational structures and operations. You need to adapt to stay ahead of these shifts. We can help. 

We are specialists in organizational change. Working with leaders, teams and organizations as a whole, we help our clients move successfully through organizational change events and processes. We also teach organizations how to facilitate these processes themselves. 

Signs that we can help you include: 


- You have a new CEO or there are changes in the executive leadership team


- Your organization is being sold or merged with another organization 


Your organization is expanding – geographically or into new markets and product sectors


- You are implementing a new technology platform in your organization


- New technology is making your products and services obsolete


- Employees are leaving to work for competitors


- You are losing market share

Drawing on cutting edge practices and emergent knowledge from around the globe, we work with you to co-create, and implement, practical solutions that build on your existing capabilities to ensure your ongoing success in a constantly changing global environment. 

Choose your sector and let's get started:


Public Sector


We help you grow and change through: 


Organizational Transformation

Organizational Assessments & Reviews



Organizational Transformation



Merger & Acquisition Integration


Strategic Alignment 

Strategy & Vision



Strategic Planning & Prioritization


Management Effectiveness

Business / Operational Planning



Management Systems Development


Organizational Culture 

Leadership Capability Development



Transformation Capability Development


Customer/Client Focus 

Customer / Client Experience Audits



Customer / Client Experience Initiatives

The world is changing. You need to adapt and change to keep ahead of these shifts.
Contact us now to see how we can help you do this!

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